Best HDTV reviews 2013

Samsung, one of the leading companies of electronic appliances and gadgets, has created another High Definition Television that meets the uniqueness and ingenuity that Samsung is known for and innovation that Samsung is trying to achieve by infusing new features that will surely fit the consumer’s needs while still having one of the cheap prices for HDTVs.

The Samsung PN51E7000 provides 3D images that would surely amaze the users.  This High Definition Television has a SmartTV capability that can connect this HDTV to the internet and watch videos in some of the most visited video streaming websites such as Netflix, Youtube, Hulu Plus, and many more that users would surely enjoy viewing especially in High Definition or sharing and communicating with friends and love ones on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Skype which make this HDTV not only for viewing various videos on the internet but as a tool of communication which surpasses the traditional functionality of televisions.

Users can strengthen their bond with their love ones by communicating or sharing precious moments by using The Samsung SmartTV’s Family Story which enables quick upload from the HDTV to the application. It even allows the user to upload directly from the user’s smart phone to the application. Another key application that SamsungTV has to offer is the Fitness. The Fitness keeps track of the user’s workout history which guides the user for a healthier lifestyle and finds videos on videos-on-demand services which would help the user in improving his well-being. The Kids Story is another key application of the Samsung SmartTV which is a child-friendly application that promotes learning to children through exciting games and videos that the whole family could enjoy.

This High Definition Television has a function called Cinema Smooth that converts videos that were shot on film which has a 24 fps frame speed to 30 fps frame speed which is used by DVD’s and Blu-Ray Discs which improves and allows smoother motion screens which enhances the viewing experience of the user. The Wide Color Enhancer Plus adds move vibrancy to the colors of the picture that the HDTV is displaying to produce clear and exceptional quality of videos. DNSe or Digital Natural Sound engine is equipped on this HDTV which combines different equalizers that adjusts to the listening scenarios that suits the user.

The consumer’s money is worth the price of this HDTV for its various features and functionality that improves the quality of viewing experience of the users and the smart, glossy finish of the HDTV that catches the attention of anyone glancing at it. The top rated HDTV reviews in 2013 and best HDTV reviews 2013 had both agreed that this HDTV deserves to be included on the list of one of the best HDTVs in the market for its features and performance that would make article writers include this HDTV on how to find the most popular HDTVs.

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